R2 Strategic Consulting is committed to offering clients a more personalized, customized, and hands-on approach by specializing in the following services:

Designing and Executing Strategic Communications Plans:

R2 Strategic Consulting will first sit down with you to learn more about your specific goals and desired outcomes, as well as to identify potential obstacles.

The next step will be to design a smart, creative, and effective strategic communications plan that builds a structure and timeline around key strategies and tactics.

R2 Strategic Consulting then takes a hands-on approach to help you and your team implement and execute the plan.

PR Campaigns and Advocacy Communications: 

In today’s high stakes political environment, it is no longer enough to simply rely on the old, traditional way of doing things and expect to succeed.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, organizations must engage in innovative advocacy communications if they want to successfully shape public opinion and sway key decision-makers in Washington.

R2 Strategic Consulting works closely with clients to create and execute targeted advocacy campaigns that mobilize grassroots support, capture real faces and voices, as well as influence thought leaders and key decision-makers. 

Coalition Building and Management: 

Running effective grassroots campaigns (especially with limited resources) requires building strong partnerships and alliances.

​R2 Strategic Consulting will help you form these strategic relationships with key constituencies, third-party surrogates and like-minded groups to expand the conversation and achieve desired outcomes.

Media Relations and Profile Building: 

Whether it's managing campaign rollouts, placing op-eds, or holding background briefings to educate reporters, R2 Strategic Consulting knows how to generate buzz and help you stand out in a complex media environment.​

R2 Strategic Consulting brings years of experience working directly with national, regional, state and local media outlets, trade publications, reporters and bloggers.  We will find innovative ways to enhance your organizational brand, elevate your profile, and work closely with you to develop unique story angles that advance your strategic goals.

Media Preparation: 

Before you engage with the media, R2 Strategic Consulting will help you prepare by supplying you with briefing materials that include talking points and Q&A lists.  

We will also coach you on what to expect, how to get the right messages across and how to field challenging questions.

Crisis Communications and Rapid Response:

In today's world of Twitter, online blogs and other social media tools, timely information is available to virtually everyone.  Narratives and decisions are made in real time. This profound shift has revolutionized the way the public receives news.  News, including false information, now travels practically at the speed of light.​

Too often, organizations do not get around to putting together a rapid-response operation and crisis-communication plan until it is too late.  Needless to say, the absolute worst time to plan for a crisis is when you're in the middle of one!

R2 Strategic Consulting draws on years of experience managing crisis communications on Capitol Hill, in the trenches on political and issue-advocacy campaigns, as well as in the private sector such as dealing with Superstorm Sandy.  We will work with you to build a rapid-response operation and crisis communications plan from the outset that minimizes damage and puts you back on offense.