Campaigns & Elections: Stick to the Plan

June 28 2014

By Ryan Rudominer   ​In recent cycles there has been such an over-emphasis on rapid response that things as fundamental as crafting and executing a strategic communications plan have gone the way of the Whig Party.

You’d be amazed how some of the most promising and well-intentioned campaigns ultimately fail because they get stuck in the weeds responding to attacks. [...]

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The Hill: Sack the NFL’s nonprofit tax-exempt status

June 24 2014

By Ryan Rudominer February 05, 2014

Last Thursday, on the eve of the Super Bowl XLVIII, I was extremely proud to be joined by Republican U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-Okla.) and other fellow football fans and taxpayers (including acclaimed author Gregg Easterbrook and Sports Fan Coalition Chairman David Good [...]

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Campaigns & Elections: The comm director’s survival guide

June 16 2014

by Ryan Rudominer 

Six years ago this week I made the career-altering decision to temporarily leave Washington, D.C. to join a top-tier congressional race.

Rahm Emanuel, who was then chairing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, had asked me to take a leave of absence from my job with Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) and move to Media [...]

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The Hill: Former DCCC spokesman launches consulting firm

August 14 2013

​By Cameron Joseph August 13, 2013 

Former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee press secretary Ryan Rudominer is venturing out on his own, launching R2 Strategic Consulting.

Rudominer, who most recently ran communications for the Edison Electric Insti [...]

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How to make the post-campaign career jump

August 06 2013

This article originally appeared in Campaign & Elections by Ryan Rudominer / Aug 06 2013

Here’s some free advice to anyone who might be worried about how to translate their experiences on the campaign trail into the next ph [...]

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